At A Star Universal, we respect your privacy and therefore do not pass customers’ details on to any third party. We use your details only to make carrying out our business efficient and don’t sell lists of names and addresses, email addresses or spending patterns etc. We do not send spam mail, therefore, if you receive unsolicited mail purporting to be from ‘A Star Universal’ please contact us immediately.


We utilize Paypal for card transactions and therefore do not hold any of your transaction data on this website. Whilst we do use cookies in our on-line Payment. We do not track you through the internet and use cookies only as an enhancement to your shopping experience with us.  Due to advertising on our website, third party cookies may also be used to enhance your experience.  Our current advertising partner is Google whose policy (if not known) can be found at

If you require answers to specific questions regarding our stance on your privacy, please contact us for clarification.

Please call 07975 558 927 or send us a message through the contact form on this web site.